Friday, February 19, 2016

VST Warehouse - ToneBytes - FM-Four

FM-Four / Free / Ad-Supported

FM-Four – is a simple VST instrument that recreates four operators FM synthesis with some improvements like good known YAMAHA OPL/OPL2 chipsets. FM-Four can produce wide range of timbres that are rich in harmonics.

Main features:
    • 8 FM Algorithms
    • 4 operators with coarse and fine tuning
    • 8 waveforms per operator (Sinus, Half-sinus, Abs-sinus, Quarter-sinus, Square, Triangle, Half-triangle, Abs-triangle)
    • Multimode LFO synced with BPM and with Random mode
    • 4 filters
    • 8 stage envelope generator for multimode modulator
    • Distortion
    • Internal chorus
    • Internal 10 bands equalizer
    • Easy control with pop-up menus
    • 64 factory presets
    • Built-in preset manager with ability to patch name editing
In addition, VST automation and full MIDI Learning are supported.

Developer: ToneBytes



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