Friday, March 11, 2016

VST Warehouse - iZotope - Vinyl

iZotope Vinyl is the ultimate lo-fi weapon, it uses 64 bit processing and advanced filtering, modeling and resampling to create authentic "vinyl" simulation, as if the audio was a record being played on a record player.

You have complete control over the following parameters:
  • Mechanical Noise: The amount of turntable motor rumble and noise.
  • Electrical Noise: Internally generated electrical noise, such as 60 Hz grounding hum.
  • Wear: Control how worn out the record is, from brand new to played a few thousand times.
  • Dust: The amount of dust on the record.
  • Scratch: The number and depth of scratches on the record.
  • Warp: The amount of warping and the warp shape for the record - from no warp to the edges totally melted and warped.
  • Record Player Year: The year of the record player - from current linear tracking turntables to 1930 phonographs.
  • Stereo/Mono: Switch between stereo and mono output.
  • Input and Output Gain: Set the gain in and out of the effect with visual level meter feedback.
Developer: iZotope

DOWNLOAD (RTAS/AudioSuite/HTDM, VST, MAS, Audio Unit, DirectX)
Requires an eMail

Thursday, March 10, 2016

W1 Limiter (BBA) - BetabugsAudio


W1Limiter - The BetabugsAudio edition of George Yohng's W1 takes the same spectacular limiting engine and gives it a new interface. The W1 interface follows the BetabugsAudio tradition of simplicity and elegance, while providing an inspiring appearance that matches the plug-in's form to its function. We sincerely hope you like it - cause we do!!! This is the best sounding freeware limiter out there - thanks George. (version 1.1)

Developer: BetabugsAudio


VST Warehouse - SpinBug - BetabugsAudio

SpinBug combines a traditional "rotary speaker" effect with a set of new possibilities and parameters, all packaged
into a simple interface. SpinBug uses phase relationships and a low freq. oscillator in order to reproduce an effect produced by Leslie speakers.

Developer: BetabugsAudio


Monday, March 7, 2016

VST Warehouse - Elogoxa - Baxxpander

A vintage style saturation/bass expander unit.

Developer: Elogoxa

Saturday, March 5, 2016

VST Warehouse - sTilt - TBProAudio

sTilt is a linear phase filter which tilts the audio spectrum around a given center frequency.

  • adjustable slope from -6dB/Oct to +6dB/Oct.
  • adjustable center frequency.
  • 5 quality modes: low, eco, medium, high, max.
  • unit autogain.
  • linear/zero phase filter design.
  • switchable clip protection.
  • sample exact A/B comparison.
  • large and easy to use GUI.
  • free.

Developer: TBProAudio


Friday, March 4, 2016

VST Warehouse - SampleTank Custom Shop - IK Multimedia

SampleTank Custom Shop is a free version of SampleTank 3 that gives you access to over 19 GB of sounds, over 14,000 samples, over 1,200 MIDI patterns, 3,700 loops and over 570 instruments, plus 30 free instruments and 10 Custom Shop gear credits. With SampleTank Custom Shop, you can now experience the full power of SampleTank for free.
SampleTank Custom Shop gives you the freedom to experiment with a fully functional curated library of 30 high-quality instruments that illustrate SampleTank 3's broad sonic versatility. You can play, use and edit with all the functionality of the world's best selling sound and groove workstation.
But what sets SampleTank Custom Shop apart is that now you have the ability to purchase and play the complete expanding collection of add-on instruments for SampleTank 3. You can now purchase and play add-on collections like the new Alan Parsons Grand Piano, American Acoustic Guitar, Neil Peart Drums, Billy Cobham Drums, Future Synths and more from the convenience of a standalone application or DAW plug-in, and you can do it starting as low as $29.99.

With SampleTank 3 Custom Shop, you get 30 instruments right from the get go. These include extremely nuanced high-end instruments like Grand Piano 1 SE, a very accurate representation of one of the best German-made concert grands of all time. You can get extremely experimental with all of these included instruments — SampleTank 3 Custom Shop lets you get wild and creative with its 3 sample engines, 55 high-quality effects, 16 channel mixer and other advanced features. Want to apply these effects to downloaded SampleTank 3 Instruments? Simply upgrade to SampleTank 3 or SampleTank 3 SE.

A Standalone player for SampleTank Instrument Libraries
Want the new stuff? Need new inspiration? SampleTank Custom Shop is also a standalone sound store and player for SampleTank instrument libraries. You can now purchase, download and play additional instruments from the SampleTank Custom Shop online store — a feature previously available only to SampleTank SE and Full Users. Simply click on the shopping cart icon and you'll enter a completely new world of sonic nirvana full of collections from the top engineers and sound designers. And when you download and authorize SampleTank Custom Shop, you'll get 10 Custom Shop Gear credits you can use toward the purchase of that sound library you've been lusting over.

A well-curated library
SampleTank 3 Custom Shop's library of free instruments has been carefully curated to show off the astonishing breadth of the full version. It gives you everything from lush strings to delicate woodwinds, electric guitars to buzzing synthesizers and a whole lot more.

Developer: IK Multimedia
Requires registration, but it definitely worths

Thursday, March 3, 2016

VST Warehouse - Urban Rompler Spoof VSTi - DUBturbo

Urban Rompler Spoof VSTi..
Features a great collection of urban samples, beatboxes, voxes, raggachops, and a funny naming convention on the GUI to spoof the spoofs that we've had done :)

100 Urban Samples.
FILTERS | Delay | Chorus.
Reverb | Sequencer | Pitchx2.
Gate | White/Pink Noise.
EQ | Automation.

Developer: DUBturbo