Friday, January 22, 2016

Formant Classic - Free Modular Vst

The Formant Classic Freeware softsynth is a tribute to the legendary Elektor Formant DIY (Do It Your self) synthesizer of 1977/78.

* Replica+ of the Legendary Elektor Formant
* Semi Modular Subtracktive Synthesis concept
* 3xVCO, 2xVCF, 2xADSR, 1xVCA, 1xRFM, 3xLFO, 1xNOISE, 1xCOM(scope) modules
* Keyboard interface with Flexible Midi controller assignment
* Mono, Poly and Unison voice sellection
* Velocity sensetive ADSR's
* Suitable for educational purposes
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