Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Aethereal (Ambient vst plugins)

Direct Download(28.9Mb)

Plugin features
  1. 64 presets
  2. Over 100 built in sounds
  3. Dual Stereo Delay section
  4. Three modulation envelopes
  5. Assignable pitchbend and modwheel
  6. 16-Step Modulation Sequencer - For sequenced modulation of pitch and filters
  7. Two filter sections, each with independant envelopes, inverters, gain compensation & multiple stages (1-4)
  8. 4-Way TransMixer for making set transitions from one sound to another; can also be used for manual or automatic mixing
  9. Four wave oscillators with independant amp envelopes; the oscillators are divided into two sections that can be routed to seperate audio output channels 
  10. Multi-Vector for modulating various parameters in an X/Y path, (modulation equivelnt of 8 LFOs; 2 dedicated to the 4-Way TransMixer)


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