Friday, October 30, 2015

IMP-OSC-TOR - Free Bass Vst

This is a small and quite simple freeware synth with fairly low CPU-usage designed by NekroBat using Outsim Synth|Maker. Despite its simple design and appearance it is capable of creating many types of sounds, especially bass-sounds (for which it was intended).

By the way, The name has nothing to do with any other synth with IMP-OSC in its name, it is only a name I chose for this one (I somehow just like the word "Osc" being fused into my synths names).


2 Oscillators with individual detuners. The Oscillators sports 5 waveforms (Saw,Saw-Square,Square,Square-Ramp,Ramp). Osc 1 can modulate Osc 2 in various ways (Phaze, Freq, Ring and Amplitude modulation). It can also perform Filter-Fm. Osc 2 can be synced to Osc 1. Both Oscillators have Phaze- and Pwm-knobs for such modulation (which can also be modulated with the LFO:s)

1 Multi-mode Filter with lots of Filter-types. The Filters Cut-off can be modulated by the dedicated ADSR-envelope, the mod-wheel, the LFO:s or Osc 1.

2 ADSR-envelopes. One controlling the Filter-cutoff and the other the synths Amplitude.

2 Multi-mode LFO:s. They have each 5 waveforms (Sine,Saw,Triangle,Square and Ramp) and have 2 Speed-selections (slow,Fast) or Step-select.They can be set to be free-running or to restart.The LFO:s are BPM-controlled via the preset-manager* and have many destination possibilities (and also the choice of controlling 2 at the same time if you want).

2 Effects (Delay, Chorus). The Delay has 2 types (Ping-pong, Echo) and the Chorus can be used as a flanger via the Feed-knob.

20 Presets of sounds + 1 Init-patch. In the preset-manager you will find a voice-selector for up to 8-voices of polyphony. If only 1 voice is selected then the Portamento knob will be activated next to the Main-out knob. In the preset-manager you can also alter the BPM and

the pitch-bend amount by retyping in a new value. Of course you can also find a file-selector

which is used to Load or Save your own presets (the preset-name can also be retyped by clicking

the current name). * (Please note this: When you change the BPM it is a good thing to tweak the LFO:s speed-knobs and then tweak it back to your chosen speed for the change to take effect.)

Also note that the synth can be played using the QWERTY-keyboard.

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Xenharmonic FMTS - Free Fm Vsti

Xenharmonic FMTS is a 4 Operator FM Synthesis VSTi with a specialized set of features for musicians interested in exploring the expressive possibilities of microtonal and xenharmonic music making.

Microtuning Features:

* Internally loads and externally receives both MTS (MIDI Tuning Standard) Bulk Dump and Single Note Microtuning Files
* Operator ratios can easily be set to values that are coincident with the microtuning being used, thereby producing tuning related FM sidebands in the timbre of the instrument
* Isoharmonic spacing of the operator ratios
* Precise values may be set for microtonal pitch-bends
* Arbitrary microtonal period shifting makes it possible to pitch transpose in both octave and non-octave increments
* FM-RM Oscillator:
* 4 Operator FM Synthesis with Ring-Modulation
* 57 Operator Algorithms
* 11 different Operator Waveforms
* Phase & Pulse-Width Oscillator:
* 22 Waveforms
* Phase & Pulse-Width LFO Modulation
* Envelope Generators
* 6 independent Envelope Generators dedicated to modulating Operators A-D, Filters and VCA
* Velocity sensitive
* Keyboard tracking.

* 2 State Variable Filters with 12 and 24 dB response
* Cutoff frequencies modulated by Velocity, Envelope Generator, LFO and Keyboard Tracking
* Low Frequency Oscillators can be set to modulate the cutoff frequencies of the filters at audio rates, thereby producing sidebands in the signal.

* Saturator for subtle to extreme distortion
* 6 dB LPF Warm Filter
* 4-Voice Stereo Ensemble Detuner

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eFemme - Fm Vsti

This VSTi plugin is a 4 operator FM/PM (Frequency modulation / phase modulation) synthesizer that is simple, easy to understand.

It is capable of synthesizing an array of multiple timbres. You dont have to be an FM expert to get sound right anymore!

The synthesizer was done with SynthMaker, but uses our own coded oscillators, envelopes and midi control for that special FM sound.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Suburban Guitarist - Free Guitar Vsti

Suburban Guitarist Beta release

* no samples at all !
* lead & rhythm guitar modes
* bend, slide, and whammy bar pitch wheel modes
* palm muting
* harmonics (squeals)
* humanization control, which simulates the sync differences between the guitarists' fretting and picking hands
* adjustable pick position
* tone control
* volume control
* realistic vibrato
* advanced controller mapping

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DSK Guitars Nylon - Free Guitars Vsti

DSK Guitars Nylon is a free vst instrument from DSK developer that based on Acoustic Guitars samples. features: high expressive and dynamics sounds, clean and very simply GUI

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T-Force Alpha TS - Free Hybrid Vsti

Alpha TS is a subtractive synthesizer plugin especially designed for trance music, inspired by the famous Roland Supersaw.

With its Multiwave Oscillators You can create deep basses, powerful leads, hypnotic plucks, epic and bright pads and much more...

3 Multiwave Oscillators with adjustable stereo width, and panning, switchable between single mode (normal) and multi mode (Supersaw like) with Sine, Saw, Ramp (reversed Saw), Triangle, Pulse (square with PWM), White and Pink Noise.
1 Resonance Four Pole State Variable Filter, switchable between Low Pass, High Pass, Bandpass and switchable 12/24 dB slope, Resonance can be driven up to self oscillation
1 ADSR Filter Envelope
1 ADSR Amp Envelope
2 AD Mod/Pitch Envelopes
2 host syncable LFO's
Adjustable Drive function for Saturation/Distortion
two band Low Freq/High Freq Equalizer
Envelope Controlled Trance Gate
Velocity control (on/off)
Dual Delay, switchable between Stereo mode and Pingpong mode (right and left channels have their own tempo settings)
Stereo Reverb
all functions fully automatable

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The Dreammachine - Free Hybrid Vsti

The concept of The Dreammachine is based on three synth layers with slow wave sequencing and sound modulations.

Version 3 of The Dreammachine has gone polyphonic now and can be used as a synth too, so there are three basic ways to play the machine:
Using the inbuilt Note sequencer and, if you like, play along.
Hold a note and if you like play along or edit.
Play the machine as 16-voice synthesizer with max. 6 oscs on one key.

In addition you can manually advance each part using MIDI keys/notes #24, #26, #28 and #29 plus #35 to advance synth parts simultaneously. As the Note sequencer is hard-linked to the Bottom/Low Part this one will be advanced too.

There are three parts: Bottom/Low (or Bass), Back/Mid (or Pad) and Sparkle/High for three basic layers of sound plus a OneShot part to throw in some additional highlights such as vocal phrases, percussive sounds or Sfx. Each part has got a 16-step sequencer for waveforms to be played in succession with the One Shot part having 32 steps. The Note sequencer has an option to play duophonic by adding a 2nd note (selectable in 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 semitones up). Also, Back/Mid and Sparkle Parts can be set in semitones from -12 to +12. This provides a very flexible means to set up sophisticated complex sound layers.

For convenience, the wave names are not only displayed at each seq step but also selectable from popup menus showing the names.

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ScapesWizard - Free Hybrid Vsti

ScapesWizard is a machine for soundscapes with a very different control concept by triggering different samples assigned to keys via keyboard, or, using Lazy Sequencer to play the sets in sequence, or at random with varying intervals of step lengths.

This is a completely reworked and largely enhanced version to its predecessor offering more dedicated and flexible control in general.

There are two different sound engines: Slow Motion Scapes (Main Slot 1&2), OneShots and Loops (FX, Natural, etc.) (Main Slot 3 & 4). Each slot has got a dedicated sound modifier (color with resonance) plus pan, & delay with two sets of knob settings for most controls. You get 2 x 24 samples (= 2 x 2 octaves) in direct access via keyboard and 2 sets to assign waves to keys with an optional pitch offset of +/- 12 semitones at each slot, plus a further +/- 12 semitones per wave, slot and patch. This makes 96 samples in straight access with a tuning range of max. +/- 2 octaves. Lazy Sequencer's Ghost Mod will move (morph) between the two sets of knob settings and this motion is visible on the GUI by respective knobs in motion. Furthermore nearly every knob has got a selectable mod source. In fact with this machine it is quite important to assemble best matching waves for a project into the wave slots. You can trigger or gate i.e. switch samples with a dedicated tune setting via keyboard (with velocity to control level) which is ideal for live interaction.

There is a kind of keyboard split to trigger a sample of Slot 1 & 2 from C2 to B3 (left side) and Slot 3 & 4 from C4 to B5 (right side). So simply give a key a short push and the resp. sample will play until it's changed by pushing another key in that resp. range; unless you select KeyMode Gate which allows to play a sample as long as a key is held down. Anyway you can play only one sample in each slot at a time. But those four samples played can give already quite a massive sound. There is also an SF Slot Mode supporting SF2 files with stereo samples.

Besides the registered Pro version there is a fully featured demo and a mini free version available.The registered Pro version comes with access to about 1.65 Gigabyte of samples in additional sf2 files.

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Kairatune - Free Hybrid Vsti

Kairatune is designed to produce crisp and tight electric sounds for electronic music production.

Kairatune is engineered for the demanding producer who needs to push the sound to extremes without compromising audio quality. Kairatune offers fast and intuitive sound design workflow. The user interface is designed for a musician rather than an engineer and is based on the concept of pitch and beat in contrast to frequency and time. Kairatune lets you travel in the world of beats, notes and intervals instead of the logarithmic mathematics of frequencies and the rarely useful absolute time. Kairatune is not your all-in-one synthesizer. It's designed and engineered to be as powerful and versatile as possible in it's target role as your source for tight bass, unique lead and shiny SFX sounds. At the same time it makes all the effort to be simple enough to use, enabling you to add your personal touch and flavor to the sound and seek for the perfect fit to your mixing preferences.

Multi-oscillator sound generator, virtually a single oscillator with the sound of five.
Independent fundamental generator prevents beating at the bottom while enabling full and vivid treble.
Tempo synced envelopes and modulators for rhythmic action.
Advanced stereo image and spatial modulation.
HPF and BPF delay units, phaser, EQ.
All parameters accessible at once on a single panel.

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Monday, October 26, 2015

XenFont - Free Hybrid Vsti

XenFont is a two oscillator, hybrid SF2 SoundFont & Subtractive Synthesis.

This VSTi features full-controller MIDI Pitch Microtuning using the MTS (MIDI Tuning Standard) format, where any MIDI Note Number can be freely microtuned to any desired pitch across the MIDI range, enabling computer musicians and composers to explore the vast expressive possibilities of composing music with alternative intonation systems.

XenFont is a microtonal sound-designer's SF2 sample-based synthesizer, with a carefully designed ergonomic workflow for quickly creating powerful sounding and musical useful timbres. The instrument enables users to load their own SF2 SoundFont files and thereby any special timbres required of the music at hand, from classical acoustic instruments, to synthesized ones. Routing the SF2 SoundFont Oscillators through the internal synthesis functions of the VSTi, provides a way to radically transform the original sounds and create new synthesized timbres.

Enables computer musicians and composers to freely load their own SF2 SoundFonts into a fully microtonal, hybrid sampling & subtractive synthesis based VSTi.
A ‘knob-less’ design featuring slider controls only, which enables intuitive direct control with a computer mouse.
A dedicated control signal system mapped to the most important synthesis functions.

Settings are made by typing values into fields, dropdown lists, left-and-right arrows, switches and sliders.
Enables musicians to specify precise microtonal pitch-bend settings.
Features arbitrary microtonal oscillator transposition settings.

Velocity modulation of harmonics enables dynamically playing harmonics of the fundamental pitch.
Envelope generators with per-stage ADSR keyboard tracking.

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Feeling - Free Hybrid Vsti

Feeling is a 3-oscillator Additive Synthesizer.

It has: a Saturator for each OSC, 2 Filters, 2 LFOs, Distortion, Double Chorus, 2 Delay effects and more.

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PhazOsc - Free Hybrid Vsti

PhazOsc - Phase Distortion Synth is an audio / MIDI triggered phase distorted synth.

* Phase distortion synth offering velocity control on both the amp and timbre.
* Delay and chorus.
* Audio trigger section consists of only two knobs:
* Gate: which sets the gates strength
* Decay: which sets the gates time re-trigger.
* 64 presets.

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ROUGE - Free Hybrid Vsti

ROUGE is a 3 osc additive synth.
built with 3 wavtable osc's each with 39 selectable wavforms.
1 LFO per osc.
Built in reverb, delay and chorus.
30 presets to get started.

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LaserBlade - Free Hybrid Vsti

LaserBlade features a versatile sound-engine with modulatable XTorsion, Filter FM (frequency modulation of filter like in the Sequential synths) and a Metallize section.

This enables you to achieve quite 'sharp' or digital sounds as well as a variety of short percussive Seq-sounds; LaserBlade can also generate soft, bell-like sounds, and more.

Two digital PCM-wave oscillators powered by 170 different waveforms.
Each oscillator has a Harm+ knob for enhancing the upper harmonic structure.
XTorsion with selectable modulation source.
One filter (24db Lowpass with resonance).
Filter-FM feedable from both oscillators separately.
Two ADSR-style envelope generators.
Three LFOs (one BPM-synced; one with 42 pattern-style waves; one with shapeable waves).
Metallize section for more metallic timbres incl. two modulations.
BPM-synced Stereo-Delay.

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

KXOMNI-600 - Free Hybrid Vsti

Each Layer (the plugin is stereo) is composed of two oscillators: a "Phase Distortion Oscillator" (Pdo) and an "Oscillator" (Osc), the oscillator signal is filtered by a "Multimode Filter", a "Distortion" and a "Feedback". All the modulations are controlled by an envelope generator, the velocity and the keyboard. Then the sound (4 oscillators+2 filters...) is filtered by a stereo VCF (undoubtedly one of the most complete vcf avaliable in freeware) and a VCA. All the modulations of the oscillators can be modulated by a double LFO.

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Ni - Free Hybrid Vsti

Ni is a single oscillator, 16-step, sequencer synthesizer.

The oscillator features 7 selectable waveforms, octave up and down switching, fine tune and phase modulation controls. The sound is then passed through a LP, HP, BP or BR self oscillating filter. The step sequencer features step start and end positions, a direction selector and step rate parameters. The filter cutoff can also be controlled by an identical independent step sequencer. The synth also has a multi routable, sync to host, LFO. Ni also includes an effects section. The included delay and reverb modules pass through their own filters. The effect's filters can be controlled by a second LFO as can the delay rate and reverb size.

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Serio3 - Free Hybrid Vsti

Serio3 is a 3-oscillator Subtractive Synthesizer.

It has:

3 Sub OSCs, an ADSR for each OSC, Ring Modulation, 2 Filters, 2 LFOs, a Stereo Enhancer, Delay, Reverb and Chorus Effects.

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Arptron - Free Hybrid Vsti

A hybrid phase distortion arp-synth with two crossfading oscillator sections, part VA, part phase distortion. Equipt with an onboard dual delay section.

* 2 crossfading oscillators
* Phase Distortion(Osc1)
* Multi-detune
* Dual arpeggiator section (can also be used as a MIDI arp)
* 3 Envelopes (Dedicated Filter and Amp Envelopes + Mod Envelope)
* High, band & lowpass filter (All can be used simultaneously)
* 2 LFOs (BPM synced)
* Dual Stereo Delay
* External Audio Processing
* Audio Mixer (allows crossfading the oscillators w/ incoming audio)
* Polyphonic portemento
* Assignable Mod Wheel
* 64 presets

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San - Free Hybrid Vsti

San is a hybrid synthesizer.

It features two analogue oscillators (with two FM oscillators) and a phase distortion oscillator. Each sound generator can be mixed between two of three variable state filters. Many of the parameters in San can be modulated by three multi-routable, multi-rate LFOs, two ADSR envelopes and one 8 stage envelope. There is also a simple flanger/chorus and distortion effect.

San's second panel has a quick guide to some of its features as well as a MIDI controller ID list.

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KxStep - Free Hybrid Vsti

KxStep is a vintage modular monophonic synthesizer.
16 steps CV Gate sequencer
2 Lfos with delay time and host synchro
S&H with host synchro
Ring Modulator
Noise Generator
2 Vcos with synchro
SF2 player
Mixer with a vintage EQ
2 multimode Vcfs
Envelope Generators with a lot of trigger modulations and host synchro
All modulations work in same time

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Inorganic1 - Free Hybrid Vsti

Inorganic1 is a virtual synthesizer based on subtractive synthesis.

This method used in analog synthesizers makes Inorganic1 able to create an extra waveform within one oscillator and brings the same effect like PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) or oscillator sync. Inorganic1 includes state variable multi-mode filter comprising Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, Bandreject and Peak filters for shaping the overall timbre of the sound.

* 2 Oscillators, each with subtractive option
* 2 Oscillator Phase Offset Modulations
* Adjustable Oscilloscope with input selection
* State Variable Filter with ADSR Envelope
* Amplitude Envelope ADSR
* Delay Effect
* Reverb Effect

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Photon - Free Hybrid Vsti

Photon is a strange hybrid synth with an with an experimental 'warp' engine for creating evolving rythmic sequences, random arpeggios and classic Sample&Hold style arcade wierdness.
2 oscillators with sync and FM

Warp section: The warp is like a sample&hold engine which can affect the pitch of oscillators 1 & 2as well as the filter, but it can also be assigned to trigger any of the envelopes, making it function more like an arpeggiator, allowing for a variety of polyphonic gated rythms. When modulating the pitch, it can be set to snap to note, or free roaming.
Warp alteration can be set to key for having different rythms on each key.

5 envelopes: Standard filter and amp envelopes, plus 2 assignable envlopes as well as a dedicated env for the external audio processor, all of which can be triggered by note on, or by the warp.
3 assignable LFOs with high/low limits
Dual Stereo Delay section
Assignable modwheel and pitchbend

External Audio Processor: Processes external audio through the filter and delay, as well as through the oscillators and FM. It has it's own decay and sustain independant of the amp envelope, which can also be triggered by the warp.
64 presets

Includes MIDI Chart

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

KXPM23 - Free Hybrid Vsti

KXPM23 is a vintage synthesizers, analog subtractive synthesis, etc...

Moog filter
fx with 2 delays and a distortion (same modules of the Kx-Modulad)
ADSR and implementation of the KxStep EQ
This plugin has also a SoundFont player
A search began in 2002 around the structure of the "Mini", this version takes advantage of several modules of the Kx-Modulad and its original Kxmod system. The new bank includes over 70 presets.

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