Monday, April 16, 2012

Cerebrum (Free VST drums Plugins)

Direct Download(11.3Mb)

Plugin features
  1. 32 presets
  2. 1 bass synth module
  3. 4 drum synth modules 
  4. Onboard drum mixer 
  5. Volume/Panning vectors 
  6. MIDI options for triggering each sequencer 
  7. 2 16-step pattern sequencers for each module 
  8. 4 types of random probability for each sequencer 
  9. Each sequencer has independant control of speed, direction, length, etc
  10. 2 velocity grids for each sequencer(for pitch, level, filter, glitch rate etc.)  
  11. 2 accent switches for each sequencer(for gain, reverse, glide, glitch etc.) 
  12. Kick, snare, hihat and percussion1 are drumsynth modules that each include imbedded samples for layering  
  13. The 2nd percussion drum is a dedicated imbedded sample synth with it's own Wavlayer for layering with user samples 


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