Sunday, October 21, 2012

150 V Station Presets - Trance & House Collection

We are proud to present the biggest presets packs for trance & house electronic production.
most of the soundsets on the package are: lead, synth, bass, arpeggiator and fx sounds. there are some great acid patches also.

this pack is inspired by contemporary lead synth style associated with trance and house industry today.
it's suitable for range of sub trance categories such as: europe trance, club trance, progressive trance. this V station soundsets pack includes 150 patches that can run for more other genres such as: dubstep, electro and more.

these v station soundset made by our sound designer "ruben hymov", and the pack is unique and free to download. please feel free to share this page on your blogs, social networks or publishing it on your sites.

Mp4 demo:
this Synth presets demo V Station made by the sound designer himself with no external effects for getting a real sound like it 100% from the package except the drums.

download presets - FXP format

download presets - CUBASE format

62 Sylenth1 Presets - Dubstep Collection

62 free presets for Lennar Digital Sylenth synth, it is Dubstep collection created by Ruben Hymov and filled with synth, leads, arpeggiator, slow attack sounds and more.

except Dubstep these soundsets are suited mostly for techno, electronica, house, trance music.

the pack is unique and free to download. please feel free to share this page on your blogs, social networks or publishing it on your sites.

Mp4 demo:
this Synth presets demo Sylenth1 made by the sound designer himself with no external effects for getting a real sound like it 100% from the package except the drums.

download presets - FXP format

download presets - CUBASE format

100 V Station Presets - Ambient Collection

Ruben hymov releases a new ambient soundset collection. it is a 100 patches soundbank available for Novation V-Station synth.

the soundset contains mostly lead / sound effects and arpigiator presets (about 40-50 presets), the second part has warm pad and texture soundsets (about 20 presets) and the rest is filled with bell, keyboard and acid ambient sounds.

this Soundbank is suited for all kind of Electronic Ambient Music genres (dark, psybient, psy chillout and more). V-Station patches supplied in 2 formats: fxp format and cubase vst prerset format. we don't want you to pay for this package it is free, just the sharing this page on your blogs, social networking or publishing it on your sites.

Mp4 demo:
Synth presets demo V-Station; made by the sound designer himself with no external effects for getting a real sound like it 100% from the package.

download presets - FXP format

download presets - CUBASE format

55 Free Vst Presets - Albino Synth

This package particularly is very unique, because all of the sound sets exclusive for musician "Ruben Hymov" (ambient music creator).
as well as this collection is mainly intended for ambient tracks but not only.
here is what you get inside the pack; 5 ambient keyboard, 15 ambient sounds, 10 lead, 15 pad and 10 synth presets. for this kind of free package, this is a missed opportunity not to use it!


45 Free Vst Presets - Gladiator Synth

Ruben hymov provides a range of professional quality presets for your Gladiator virtual synthesizer.

the package focuses on bass and lead sounds  it's a small selection of patches, but with original color sounds for real world use. you can use it for dub step, ambient to house and trance tracks.

the ability of Gladiator producing big sounds it's a fact, and no case is considered one of the most successful famous virtual synths in the world. so if you are a big fan of Gladiator, our recommend don't miss this pack.


35 Free Vst Presets - Albino Synth

A quick patch of 35 free excellent sound sets for the albino vst plugin, by our sound designer "ruben hymov". it's a small pack but high-level synthesis design.

inside the albino pack you get 2 types of sounds sets; lead synth and keyboard. it's based on four popular waveforms: sine, saw, sawtooth and square. this pack suited mainly for ambient music.


40 Free Vst Presets - Acidrack Synth

Nice free pack coming from "Ruben Hymov" sound designer - 40 free sound sets for "Acid.milch&honig" Acidrack analogue subtractive synthesizer. the big part of collection presets includes; leads, synths, and pads, the small part of presets offers; basses, keyboards, and some drum kits.


110 Free Vst Presets - Aethereal Synth

the package includes bundle of 110 presets for "Psychic Modulation" Aethereal ambient vector synthesizer.

into the presets pack you got a lots of needed to get started with ambient, especially with ambient pads, sound effects, ambient keyboards. the others small group of presets offers instrument like; bell, cello, brass, flute, guitar, piano and many more.


50 Free Vst Presets - Antopya Synth

50 free presets for antopya virtual synthesizer for producing ambient sounds and fx.
with great FM engine allowed us to create interesting pads, synths and FX sounds. but in general on this presets pack you get a large number of instruments to work with such as; 8 sound effects, 2 bass, 2 brass, 4 synth, 6 keyboard, 5 lead, 5 pad, 7 synth pad, 2 synth bell and more.


70 Free Vst Presets - Arptron Synth

70 free presets for "Psychic Modulation" Arptron synth. knowing that it is a hybrid phase distortion arp-synth, we decided to make some more of arpeggiator sounds, but that's not all, the pack offers also lead synths, keyboard and fx sound sets. it's perfect presets creating electronic music in many varieties. so here is what you get inside the pack; 3 arp fx, 14 arp lead, 10 arp keyboard, 18 arp synth, 4 fx sound, 4 key synth, 8 lead, 9 synth.


40 Free Vst Presets - Chimera Synth

A quick patch of 40 free sound sets for Chimera vsti.

one of the purposes of this plugin built is to create pads sounds, so we decided to focus in that way and make a small part of fx sounds.

here is what you get inside the pack; 18 main pad, 12 scream pad, 4 white noise - (fx sounds), and 6 wind (fx sounds).


70 Free Vst Presets - Noisemo Synth

With a huge demand on network searching by the users for sounds effects. so we glad to bring you the largest packages on our site for vst presets of fx category, with 70 fx sounds sets.

Noisemo vst features 2 synced noise ‘oscillators’ with an ‘autoblend’, So it's the best quality features to get and started to play Noisemo for experimental fx sounds, the presets plugins can be also good for idm, Industrial music production and more.


52 Free Vst Presets - Omaha Synth

52 free presets for Kriminal Omaha all are working on trance music projects, those presets can adjust easily for this ganre.
the largest part of sound sets on the pack belongs to fx sounds with 40 presets, there's also a little part of arpeggiator, keyboard, and synth sounds. this collection patches created by Ruben hymov.


70 Free Vst Presets - Phasm Synth

Inside this presets pack you will get sounds that can belong to several musical styles, from ambient chillout to experimental sounds sets, when in common to all presets they are the smooth sounds that so identified with Phasm synthesizer.

the pack features; 3 groups of pads. the  first group is synth pad with 13 presets, the second is main pads with 11, and the last group with 3 warm pads. as well as 16 synth, 17 keyboard, 8 lead and more.


60 Free Vst Presets - Proto plasm Synth

It's a gift for those are seeking a synthesizer sound sets with best suited for athmospheres, sound effects and pad sounds especially when the sound sets of this plugins is free.

proto plasm designed for drones, textures, soundscapes, pads and can be used for dark sounds.

inside our pack you get 60 new presets including; 10 sound affects and 50 pads which includes athmospheres and dark pads presets.
besides imagine what you can do with this sound sets when you have 3 wavetables, each wavetable has 75 waveforms, it's more easier and faster to design sounds with this kind of waveforms selection.


100 Free Vst Presets - Pure Pone Synth

Very wide range of sounds for this analog vsti with not less than 100 free presets, that suitable for electronic music.

in the middle of designing sounds i noticed that the pure pone reminds me the popular minimoog sound, so i decided to make some in that way, you will hear it at least on the lead synth and arp lead presets.

So here is what you get; 13 arp lead, 8 bass, 3 bell, 23 lead synth, 8 sound fx, 24 pad, 5 perc and more.


60 Free Vst Presets - Rez Synth

The perfect presets collection for acid and arpeggiator sounds, featuring a bid variety of roles.

Rez is a vintage analog synthesizer which boasts published by the low frequencies, adds highlights amazing color for each preset.

Rez presets including; 5 arp acid, 2 acid, 2 arp bass, 5 arp key, 3 arp lead, 6 bass moog, 7 bass ruben, 6 fx sounds, 5 key ambient, 7 lead ruben, 2 sine key, and 8 synth presets.


50 Free Vst Presets - String Theory Synth

Free 50 presets for ugoaudio - String theory vsti. there are few guitar, synth lead, keyboard as well as some big group of arp sounds.
Overall, these sounds are suited best for all kind of electronic ambient music genres. String theory synth that based on strings waveform is capable to serve you a wide variety of purposes start from atmospheric pads, ambiences, and arpeggiator sounds.


DSK Asian DreamZ - Percussion Vst Instrument

DSK Asian DreamZ - vsti features:

- 7 Asian Instruments (Pipa, Pipa tremolo, Luan, Guzhen, Erhu, Ban di, Percussion kit) Velocity response, Amp. envelope and micro-detuner, HP/LP Filter, Midi automation.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Glitch VST 1.3.04

Glitch VSTGlitch 1.3.05 - A great tool for all you glitchers, dubsteppers and breakerheads out there.
Note : This will Support VST 2.3 or higher

Here's the demo video of Glitch VST

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Alchemy Player VST

Alchemy VST Player is a free software instrument sample library with an inspiring 1GB worth of audio and 200 instrument sounds including evolving soundscapes, lush pads (!), synth basses, and pulsing arpeggios to name a few. 150 sounds are included in the free version, this version that is.
( this is not a trial version, it's 100% free ).

Alchemy VST Free
Alchemy VST Free
A few words from the creators

Alchemy Player features the same advanced sample manipulation engine as its big brother, with additive, spectral, granular, sampling and VA synthesis for totally unique sounds, and is easily controlled via a simple and compact interface. This provides sixteen performance controls for real-time tweaking and automation, which have unique functions for each preset carefully chosen by the sound designer; so each preset is like a small synth in its own right.


Who is it for?
I'd say everybody since it covers a lot of different genres out there, for example:
Electronica, Ambient, Film Music, IDM, Dance/Trance, Techno/Electro and Pop, and this is only for the free version alone. You can always expand it later on (if you wish to do so) with 23+ sound libraries and counting! (premium feature though)

Download and installation

Download Alchemy Player VST (Mac & Pc 32/64-bit versions included)

You will have to enter a valid email since the download links (all of the different versions) will be sent to your email account - no strings attached nor spam.

Once downloaded, extract and run the .exe. Install the dll files to your VST folder and do the exact same with the software/library as well. Open up your DAW and scan for your newly installed plugin.

I highly recommend you to register a free account at the site as you'll get another 50 files for your Alchemy VST plugin to take a poke at for free! 350Mb+ worth of sound. Not a bad deal at all - once again, no strings attached :)

Now, go on and get creative, people!

A big thanks goes out to the guys behind - thanks for being awesome.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

DSK mini DRUMZ 2

Vintage drum machines rompler.

version 2 features:

- All sounds fixed and levels corrected

- All sounds mapped in GM Midi standard

- New extra layer to load external kits (sf2)

- Midi channel selector for each layer

- Add amp. envelope and limiter

- Filters improved

- Midi automation fixed

- 20 classic drum machines kits

download vst

Kick Me Too v.2.0

Kick Me Too is a drum effect synth.
It has 5 drum synths featuring, Phase Mod, h-limit, sine, triangle and noise waves, volume, decay, time and height, low/hi/band-pass resonant filter filter, and a panner.
Kick Me Too comes with two free versions of pretty much the same synth: "Kick Me Too version 2" and "Kick Me Too Multi version 2." The Multi version allows you to bring the bass drum type waveform down an octave.
The drum synths use keys C4, D4, D#4, E4, and F4. (This is really the only information given in the documentation).
kmt has 10 presets, while kmt2m contains 16 presets showing off some of the unique sounds that these synths are capable of producing. The synths emit some rather deep and loud bass drum sounds, and very unique snare, tom, and/or hat sounds.

download vst

Sunday, May 20, 2012

DSK DrumZ MachineZ

DSK DrumZ MachineZ - Drum Vst Instrument

features: 8 sound slots (C3 to C4 white keys), Level and pan control – 8 stereo outs, 226 samples, 18 kits, Midi automation, preset selector.

download vst

Sunday, May 6, 2012

DSK SynthDrum

- 12 Patch drum Synth
- Easy assign sounds to keyboard
- Deep control over sound design
- Selectable output
- Midi automation
- Filter, Distortion, EQ and a lot of ways to create
your drums sound!

* Based on Smackbox project, developed by Stefan.

download vst

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


The TS-808 is a software emulation (VSTi plugin) of the Roland TR-808.
The TR-808 service notes provide full schematics for each voice.
I used them to make SPICE simulations of the circuits. I also analysed the best samples I could find (The Tape808, by Goldbaby), and tweaked the sounds until the waveforms and spectral content were as close as possible to the real thing.
Most of the voices have more parameters and a greater range than their hardware predecessor.

download vst

Crystal (Free VST Modular)

Direct Download(3.53Mb)

Plugin features
  1. MIDI learn
  2. Wave sequencing
  3. Granular synthesis
  4. Program morphing
  5. Imports soundfonts
  6. Multi-stage envelopes with graphical editors
  7. Over 90 parameters which may be modulated
  8. Band splitter for effects processing by frequency band
  9. Extensive tempo sync of envelopes/lforates/delay times, built-in effects

Foorius (Free VST Modular)

Direct Download(2.88Mb)

Plugin features
  1. 80 patches 
  2. Built in effects
  3. 16 note polyphony
  4. Advanced midi handling
  5. 20 LFO's and 20 128-point Envelopes
  6. Filters including circuit modeled Analog filters
  7. FM, AM, VA, Wave-sequencing and Noise Oscillators

Foorius (Free VST Modular)

Direct Download(2.88Mb)

Plugin features
  1. 80 patches 
  2. Built in effects
  3. 16 note polyphony
  4. Freely routable signals
  5. Advanced midi handling
  6. 20 LFO's and 20 128-point Envelopes
  7. Filters including circuit modeled Analog filters
  8. FM, AM, VA, Wave-sequencing and Noise Oscillators

Kx-Modulad (Free VST Modular)

Direct Download(14.4Mb)

Plugin features 
  1. 2 Midi input
  2. Ring Modulator
  3. Stereo routing
  4. 1 Stereo SF2 player
  5. 2 Mulitmode VCFs
  6. 128 nice KX presets
  7. Noise Generator with an EQ
  8. Full 32 bit High Quality Waveforms
  9. 1 Scope with 100 ms of buffer size
  10. Easy to use and to create analogic waveforms
  11. Independent WaveTracer engine: KxWaveTracer.exe
  12. Each mixer voice can be modulated by different sources
  13. Multiple trigger sources and sync for the EGs and the LFOs
  14. Same quality for all clock frequencies: 44.1 khz to 192 khz
  15. All modulations are pre-connected, no cables on the GUI
  16. ull parameters controls to make Additive Waveforms with no aliasing
  17. 2 Delays with sync, multimode filter and modulation oscillator with sync

SynthMaster (Free VST Modular)

Direct Download(15.3Mb)

Plugin features
Osc sync
Ring modulation
Additive synthesis
Amplitude modulation
Pulse width modulation
Frequency / phase modulation

KX-SYNTH-X16 (Free VST Modular)

Direct Download(5.36Mb)

Plugin features

  1. Polyphony up to 6 voices
  2. Total control of the polyphony features with the extended KXMOD system
  3. Each voice can be controlled with RELATIVE parameters (KXMOD)
  4. Analog sequencer (CV & gate) with a memory of 256 CV and 256 gates, files saved on disk, 2 accent lines, random clock, keyboard input to transpose or to reccord the CV...
  5. Mini knobs to adjust each matrix modulation, 0 to 1
  6. Modern skin with notepad and variable color background
  7. Html help file
  8. You can adjust the response curve of the oscillators
  9. The original ASR (trapezoid) is extended to 2 ADSR with Attack Reset mode, Host and internal sequencer synchronization
  10. Delay fx with host synchronization and lfo modulation. It replaces the original spring reverb
  11. LFO, Sample & Hold and third ADSR envelope added (monophonic modulations), they can replace the external inputs (In1, In2).
  12. Keyboard scalers
  13. X Y matrix Midi controllers
  14. Full Midi Learn
  15. Velocity to envelope segments, cut off and volume
  16. Midi in splitter
  17. Omni Midi output to control external monophonic instruments and build polyphonic ensemble, each instrument is one voice...
  18. Sequencer Midi ouput
  19. 128 KX's presets:35 polyphonic instruments, 20 unison presets, 36 monophonic presets (v 1.04), 23 sequencer demos, 14 tutorial and initialization presets

DSK Ethereal Padz (Plugin features)

Direct Download(84.1Mb)

Plugin features
  1. Chorus effect
  2. Reverb Effect
  3. Velocity response
  4. 2 Layer with 22 Pads sounds
  5. 2 Advanced Filter, with ADSR
  6. ADSR, Fintunnig and Pan control
  7. 2 LFO routing to Cut, Pan, Level and Pitch

DSK Ethereal Padz 2 (Free VST Pads)

Direct Download(84.2Mb)

Plugin features
  1. Chorus effect
  2. Reverb Effect
  3. Midi automation
  4. Velocity response
  5. 3 Advanced Filters
  6. 3 Layers with 111 Pads sounds
  7. ADSR, Finetuning and Pan control
  8. 3 LFO routing to Cut, Pan, Level and Pitch

Phasm (Free VST Pads)

Direct Download(1.57Mb)

Plugin features
  1. 4 VCOs
  2. 16 voices
  3. 2x free EG
  4. 2x free LFO
  5. Multimode and multiflavor VCF
  6. TIME FX : flexible time based FX

DSK ChoirZ (Free VST Pads)

Direct Download(22.9Mb)

Plugin features
  1. Chorus effect
  2. Reverb Effect
  3. Midi automation
  4. Velocity response
  5. 3 Advanced Filters
  6. ADSR, Finetuning and Pan control
  7. 3 Layers with 32 Choir & Pad sounds
  8. 3 LFO routing to Cut, Pan, Level and Pitch

Phazuid V4 (Free hybrid VST)

Direct Download(1.08Mb)

Plugin features
  1. 1 x Reverb 
  2. 1 x Level Meter  
  3. 1 x ADSR Envelope 
  4. 1 x Ping-Pong Delay  
  5. 1 x State Variable Filter 
  6. 3 x Octaves (+4 to -4) and with fine-tuning  
  7. 3 x OSCs (Sine, Sawtooth, Triangle, Square, Noise) with control of Volume-Level 
  8. All this with 32 presets integrated

Monday, April 23, 2012

Inorganic1 (Free hybrid VST)

Direct Download(5.96Mb)

Plugin features
  1. Delay Effect 
  2. Reverb Effect
  3. Amplitude Envelope ADSR  
  4. 2 Oscillator Phase Offset Modulations 
  5. State Variable Filter with ADSR Envelope  
  6. 2 Oscillators, each with subtractive option 
  7. Adjustable Oscilloscope with input selection  

KxStep (Free hybrid VST)

Direct Download(974Mb)

Plugin features
  1. SF2 player 
  2. Ring Modulator  
  3. Noise Generator 
  4. 2 Multimode Vcfs 
  5. 2 Vcos with synchro  
  6. S&H with host synchro 
  7. Mixer with a vintage EQ 
  8. 16 steps CV Gate sequencer  
  9. 2 Lfos with delay time and host synchro  
  10. Envelope Generators with a lot of trigger modulations and host synchro 
  11. All modulations work in same time

VS-1 / oscilloscope (Free hybrid VST)

Direct Download(1.67Mb)

Plugin features
  1. 4 LFOs
  2. 2 Filters
  3. 3 Oscillators
  4. 4x16 step gate
  5. Mono/polyphonic
  6. Stereo synthesizer
  7. Effect block with phaser, delay, eq, unison
  8. 4 ADSR envelopes with synchronization of initial impulses

Serio3 (Free hybrid VST)

Direct Download(1.44Mb)

Plugin features
  1. 2 LFOs 
  2. 2 Filters  
  3. 3 Sub OSCs
  4. Delay, Reverb  
  5. Chorus Effects
  6. Ring Modulation  
  7. a Stereo Enhancer 
  8. an ADSR for each OSC 

Anawave (Free hybrid VST)

Direct Download(1.29Mb)

Plugin features
  1. 32 presets
  2. 50 Waveforms
  3. 2 LFO cutoff control
  4. 2 Wavetable oscillators  
  5. 4 ADSR Amp envelopes
  6. 2 ADSR Filter envelopes
  7. 2 Analogue oscillators (sine, saw, square, tri, noise)

Cloud (Free hybrid VST)

Direct Download(1.49Mb)

Plugin features
  1. Delay 
  2. Filter  
  3. Re-verb effects
  4. Stereo Enhancer  
  5. Bit crusher for each OSC 

Arptron (Free hybrid VST)

Direct Download(4.15Mb)

Plugin features
  1. 64 presets
  2. Multi-detune
  3. Dual Stereo Delay
  4. Assignable Mod Wheel
  5. Phase Distortion(Osc1)
  6. Polyphonic portemento
  7. 2 crossfading oscillators
  8. External Audio Processing
  9. Dual arpeggiator section (can also be used as a MIDI arp)
  10. High, band & lowpass filter (All can be used simultaneously)
  11. Audio Mixer (allows crossfading the oscillators w/ incoming audio)
  12. 3 Envelopes (Dedicated Filter and Amp Envelopes + Mod Envelope)

GCBS4 (Free hybrid VST)

Direct Download(1.53Mb)

Plugin features
  1. 64 presets
  2. Compressor
  3. 3 band equalizer
  4. Decay and sustain
  5. Mp section with control of attack
  6. Audio trigger section consists of only two knobs
  7. Can be altered by one of sixteen different preset wave shapers
  8. A separate sub osc can be set equal to or one octave lower than the main oscillator and can enter the signal chain pre or post filte
  9. Two filters: Moog type and Low pass. Variable envelope amount with controls for attack, decay and sustain. Velocity control affects the filter cutoff and controls the oscillator depth

Ultrasoniqu (Free hybrid VST)

Direct Download(2.90Mb)

Plugin features
  1. Multi-F/X
  2. Wave sample Player
  3. High quality Synthesizer
  4. Mulch-Function Sequence Controller

PhazOsc (Free hybrid VST)

Direct Download(2.21Mb)

Plugin features
  1. 64 presets
  2. Delay and chorus
  3. Gate: which sets the gates strength
  4. Decay: which sets the gates time re-trigger
  5. Audio trigger section consists of only two knobs
  6. Phase distortion synth offering velocity control on both the amp and timbre

Antopya (Free hybrid VST)

Direct Download(1.71Mb)

Plugin features
  1. FX Chorus
  2. One Step LFO
  3. Envelope ADSR
  4. Phase ADS Envelope
  5. One OSC + 3 sub operators
  6. 5 Filter types (LP / HP / BP / BR / FMT)
  7. Crossharmonic Pad for creating intuitive of Harmonics

Feeling (Free hybrid VST)

Direct Download(1.42Mb)

Plugin features
  1. 2 LFOs 
  2. 2 Filters 
  3. Distortion  
  4. Double Chorus  
  5. 2 Delay effects
  6. a Saturator for each OSC 

GTG WS 2 (Free hybrid VST)

Direct Download(994Kb)

Plugin features
  1. Mod Envelope
  2. Tempo sync LFO
  3. Joystick Controller*
  4. Waveshaper and Phase Modulation Oscillator